Welcome to chainbase docs, the powerful Web3 developer platform.
Web3 is a paradigm shift that promotes a more democratic Internet through new technologies. The purpose is to make users, instead of monopoly companies, become the owner of the Internet. The ownership is the biggest feature of Web3 - participants have full ownership of their identities, assets and data.
It is based on open and open-source basic protocols and a transparent and trusted blockchain network. Consumers interact with these protocols through dApp, and enterprises provide interfaces for convenient access and implementation of additional functions.
Web3 is a great way to get into the Metaverse, and congratulations on becoming a member of this new world! Hurry up and see how easy it is to build Web3 and Metaverse applications with Chainbase. — @evi1m0​

What is Chainbase?

Chainbase aims to build a complete set of underlying technologies, tools and services to help easily build Web3 and Metaverse applications, and to eliminate any barriers to enter into the blockchain world for enterprises and developers.
We have successfully helped enterprises and developers reduce more than 80% of infrastructure development, operations and maintenance costs, which allows customers to focus more on the business scenarios and the users.

Products and Features

Chainbase has a complete set of technologies, tools and services that help developers build applications quickly, which includes but is not limited to providing stable and available super nodes (with multi-chain support), powerful structured query APIs, secure and reliable smart contracts, and support for many of the protocols needed at the application layer (e.g. ERC20/137/721/1155, IPFS, AR, etc.)
In most cases, we provide product API capabilities:
  • Chainbase Web3 APIs: Supports multiple protocol indexing for rapid transitioning to business application scenarios (e.g. Token, NFT, DeFi, Domain Names...)
  • Chainbase Data Cloud: is a fully managed online data cloud warehouse service for Web3 developers. It provides back-end data capabilities for querying, extracting, and analyzing from multiple blockchain networks. In addition, it supports the generation of customized online APIs.
  • Chainbase Chain APIs: Provide secure and stable multi-chain node cluster support, and easy access to Multi Chain and cross chain node data
  • Chainbase Dashboards: Login to the All-In-One platform through the wallet to complete development and debugging, monitoring, operations and product usage

Use cases

Build new applications and experiences faster, we have listed some scenarios, Of course, there's much more than that.

NFT Marketplace

To build your own marketplace to let users buy and sell digital assets.

DeFi Dashboards

DeFi includes activities such as borrowing, token swapping, lending, staking, flash loans and more.


Create a gaming model with a new economic system that will benefit the entire community and players.

Data analysis

Data on blockchain is more valuable for analysis than in any past Internet era.


Create DAO you want and better govern the DAO.

More dApps

In this new world, you can always think of more applications than we can, and we believe in the creativity of developers.
To learn more about the benefits and competitive advantages of using Chainbase, check out "Why use Chainbase?":