Why use Chainbase?

Build Web3 & Metavserse apps, easily.

😫 Problem

Now imagine that you need to create a blockchain application for Web3 or Metaverse...

1. High Costs

  • Need a professional blockchain team, with recruitment time costs and staff salaries are high
  • Expensive database cluster and blockchain cluster resources
  • It usually takes at least 6~12 months to develop a infrastructure

2. Stability

  • Self-built nodes have problems averagelyon once a week
  • Data inconsistency, memory leaks, disk and other O&P issues
  • Various strange, frequent bugs, and 30% of the team time is wasted on maintaining stability

3. Security

  • API interfaces attacked by OWASP common vulnerabilities
  • Assets stealing due to smart contract vulnerabilities, which occur frequently
  • Security is the most difficult problem to overcome, because the private key is everything

🏌 Use Chainbase to solve the problem


Chainbase has a robust technical architecture that allows us to support developers in creating applications quickly without the hassle of extensive development work as well as system operation and maintenance.
With Chainhub technology, we build super nodes that support multiple chains and multiple networks. Super nodes ensure timely, consistent and stable data with high availability and scalability resilience. This modular architecture ensures proper operation of the node ports across the platforms, enabling developers to easily access on-chain data, cross-chain data and structured protocol data using the Chainbase API.
Supernode in the Chainbase technical architecture

Improve Efficiency and Optimize Spending

More than 92% of Chainbase customers say that using the Chainbase platform has helped them improve operational efficiency and optimize IT spending. Migrating applications to Chainbase can save up to 68% of costs compared to building and maintaining the service by yourself.

Encryption by Default, at Rest and in Transit

We encrypt data in transit between our facilities and at rest, ensuring that it can only be accessed by authorized roles and services with audited access to the encryption keys.

Trusted Web3 Infrastructure

Chainbase has a strong infrastructure designed for security, built-in protection mechanisms, and our technology stack is built in a layered, step-by-step approach to security that truly enables defense in depth at scale.